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"Dreams show us how to find meaning in our lives,

how to fulfill our own destiny, how to realize

the greater potential of life within us."

- Marie-Louise von Franz

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Victoria Falls

Shanee Stepakoff

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Victoria Falls

"Dreams pave the way for life, and they determine you

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without your understanding their language.

One would like to learn this language, but

who can teach and learn it?"

- Carl G. Jung, Liber Novus

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"A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that is not read."

- R. Hisda, The Babylonian Talmud

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Welcome to Professional Dream Interpretation.

We dream every night.  Most of us, however, forget or ignore the majority of our dreams.  This was not always the case.  In antiquity, dreams were recognized as a valuable source of guidance, and dream interpretation was a respected profession.

In fact, there is archeological evidence that the profession started over 5,000 years ago.  Through this website, I aim to honor and revive this ancient tradition and to foster respect for the insights that an experienced dream interpreter can provide.  By visiting this site, you are aligning yourself with people throughout history who have a passion for knowledge of dreams.

If you take your dreams seriously and give them the attention they deserve, you can:

  • discover what you really think and feel
  • live with greater authenticity, self-awareness, and wholeness
  • reclaim and integrate dormant parts of yourself
  • make soul-nourishing choices about your career
  • navigate transitions such as graduation, relocation, and retirement
  • improve your relationships
  • find inner peace after a painful loss
  • deepen your spirituality
  • solve practical problems and meet day-to-day challenges more skillfully
  • accelerate your personal development
  • tap a wellspring of creativity
  • have a richer, fuller, and more meaningful life

Though it’s possible to do some of this inner work on your own, you will vastly enhance your ability to learn from your dreams by consulting with a bona fide expert.

Book a session now with Dr. Shanee Stepakoff to discover firsthand how you can benefit from the wisdom of your dreaming mind.

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